Human Resources

The Guadalupe County Human Resources department is responsible for a variety of activities including, but not limited to, recruiting new employees, orientation and training of current employees, employee benefits and employee wellness.

We work closely with elected and appointed officials as well as department heads to make sure that our employees working environment is safe and healthy.

We take pride in offering and maintaining a competitive benefits and compensation package while offering many options for employees to take an active role in their health and wellness. Our office is a critical component to the well-being of our employees and we are committed to providing them with excellent customer service in all aspects of our responsibilities.

Office Directory

Cheraun Blankenship Human Resources Director 1333
Lois Elley Risk Manager 1282
Peggy Zwicke Human Resources Administrator 1334
Bridget Gallegos Human Resources Administrator 1345
Melissa De La Cruz Employee Benefits Administrator 1339

Our Office Has Moved

We have moved to a new office. We are now located in the Justice Center building, 1st floor, 211 W. Court Street, Seguin, Tx 78155

State & Federal Compliance Information

Please read and reference for information pertaining to Cobra, USERRA, E-Verify, Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Family and Medical Leave Act, Workers’ Compensation, Whistleblower Act, Texas Hazard Communication Act, Texas Pay Day Law, Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment.

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Employee Benefits Program


One week (40 hours) after 12 months; Two weeks (80 hours) after 2 years. Three weeks (120 hours) after 10 years. Four weeks (160 hours) after 20 years of employment. Unused vacation accumulates and is available in succeeding years, up to a maximum of 100 hours.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is available for full time employees after 6 months. Unused sick leave accumulates and is available in succeeding years, up to a maximum of 480 hours.

Medical Insurance

Group medical premiums for full time employees are paid in full after a sixty (60) day waiting period with an effective date on the 1st of the following month. A dental and vision plan is also available.

Additional Benefits

  • Paid $20,000 Basic Life for employee with Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Paid Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Direct deposit (mandatory)
  • 11-14 paid holidays (varies by year)
  • Workers' Compensation/Unemployment Insurance
  • Sick Leave Pool available after 12 months of employment.


Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance plans are available through Aflac via Cafeteria Plan (Section 125).

Texas County & district retirement system (TCDRS)

Member Participation

All elected officials and employees are required to become a member of the system. It is mandatory that employees contribute 7% of their gross salary each pay period. The County matches credits in a 2:1 ratio at time of retirement.

Service Retirement

A member is eligible for lifetime monthly service retirement benefit payments if they:

  • Accumulated at least 8 years of credited service and attained age of at least 60; or,
  • Attained an age and total credited service which equals 75 or more; or,
  • Accumulated at least 20 years of credited service


Employees earn vested rights upon the completion of eight (8) years of creditable service. Vesting is the right to retire and to receive lifetime monthly pension payments contingent upon satisfaction of the age requirement for retirement.

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