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All areas of the nation are prone to some type of natural disaster. Guadalupe County, like all counties in this region, has a history of experiencing drought, tornados, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. In addition, some areas are particularly susceptible to flash flooding. While our biggest potential threat is a natural disaster, as the county continues to grow so does the possibility of a manmade hazardous event. While the timing and intensity of these events can never be exactly predicted there are many steps we can take to dramatically lessen the impact.

Disaster Management is a team effort. The Office of Emergency Management works closely with the Guadalupe County Commissioners Court, Sheriff's Office, area Fire Departments, Hospitals, Schools, and other city and regional entities to constantly refine and practice the elements of the county disaster plan. The goal at the Office of Emergency Management is to be proactive in mitigation and preparation so the county and its citizens are prepared before the next event occurs. Likewise, we are here to assist local, state, and federal agencies with response and recovery during and after the event.

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Each emergency is unique and knowing the actions to take for each threat will impact the specific decisions and preparations you make.


If you have been affected by a local disaster, these resources can help you recover. Recovering From Disaster


Office Directory

Name Title Email Address
Wayne Lehman Deputy Fire Marshal/Inspector
Kristen Moczygemba Deputy Fire Marshal /Investigations
Allison Lewis Emergency Management Program Specialist

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