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CSR -- Community Service Restitution

Probationers are assessed CSR hours by the Courts, which they serve when they are placed with local non-profit agencies or governmental offices that provide services to the general public.

During the Fiscal Year 2015, approximately 46,658 hours of CSR were performed through local non-profit agencies.  These hours represent a value of $338,270,50 to the community, if paid hourly minimum wages.

HRP Court

High Risk Probation Court began on 9-1-2005, in the 2nd 25th District Court, under the direction of Judge W.C. “Bud” Kirkendall.  This HRP Court is a new and innovative approach to providing direction and treatment to offenders under the supervision of the Court, while at the same time providing for closer offender supervision and less risk to the community for re-offending.

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TAIP Services

Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Program refers to special State Grant funds provided for indigent substance abuse treatment for our community.

Restitution Collections

Restitution is the Court Ordered money paid back to Victims of crime by the Offender.  This money is generally paid to the CSCD and disbursed to the Victim(s).

During the Fiscal Year 2015, we collected $216,964,66 in restitution which was disbursed to the victims.

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