Redistricting 2021

What is Redistricting

Democracy works best when our voting maps are fairly drawn on a nonpartisan basis to ensure that Americans can participate equally in the election of their representatives. Every voice should be heard and every vote should count equally.

Redistricting is the process by which states and the jurisdictions within them redraw the lines that encompass electoral districts.

Redistricting requires an accurate count of the people living in each district so it coincides with the Census and happens every 10 years.

Once the Census population data is released, state governments, redistricting committees, community organizations, and residents will all have the opportunity to assist in the drawing of the electoral maps that will be used for the next 10 years.

Districts will be drawn that are the geographical contiguous areas from which political representatives are elected on the local, regional, state, and federal levels.

Districts must be drawn to comply with the central requirements of the Voting Rights Act, reflect an accurate count of the people living there, and ensure that the new boundary lines do not dilute minority voting strength or discriminate on basis of race or ethnicity.

How is Redistricting Accomplished?

First, all districts must have equal or nearly equal populations (Most to least should not exceed 10%). Second, districts must be drawn in a manner that neither has the purpose nor will have the effect of denying or abridging the right to vote on the basis of race, color, or language group.

When it’s time to draw new maps, Guadalupe County will convene public meetings and consider public maps to provide an opportunity for community input, transparency, and inclusivity in the redistricting process.

Public Information

Initial Assessment (pdf)

What Precinct am I in?

If you are not sure what precinct you are in, you may go to What's my precinct to find out what precinct you live in.

You may find individual precinct maps by going to Precinct Maps

Public Input

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