About the County Attorney

Dave Willborn

The main duty of the County Attorney is to represent the state in misdemeanor and felony cases. The County Attorney works with law enforcement officers in the investigation and preparation of cases to be heard before the criminal courts. When requested in writing, the County Attorney also provides legal counsel to county entities.

Other duties include: prosecution of juvenile offenders, representation of victims of violence in protective orders, assisting the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in placement reviews, prosecution in the Justice of the Peace Courts, and bond forfeitures.




  • Due to public health concerns with COVID 19, the County Attorney’s office is available by calling 830-303-6130. You may click the link below to request an appointment and efforts will be made to accommodate this request.

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Office Directory

Name Title Extension
Dave Willborn County Attorney  
Julie Wright First Assistant County Attorney  
Allison Lanty Chief Misdemeanor Assistant County Attorney  
Steven deLemos Assistant County Attorney  
Christopher Eaton Assistant County Attorney  
Robert Etlinger Assistant County Attorney  
Jonathan Fischer Assistant County Attorney  
Courtney Hansen Assistant County Attorney / Chief - Family Justice Unit  
Jonathan Michell Assistant County Attorney  
Steven Tays Assistant County Attorney  
Abigail Whitaker Assistant County Attorney  
John Green Assistant County Attorney  
Patton Zarate Assistant County Attorney  
Frank Allenger Felony Chief Investigator 1552
Johnny San Miguel Investigator 1557
Michael Pafort Investigator 1340
Mike Watts Investigator 1351
Carolyn Mead Administrative Office Manager 1551
Kellie Davidson-Hall Personnel Office Manager 1253
Catherine Blumenthal Misdemeanor Paralegal 1343
Judy Caddell Felony Witness Coordinator 1550
Jami Dietz Carley Felony Discovery Clerk 1545
Brandie Fonseca Legal Administrative Assistant 1558
Martha Krametbauer Misdemeanor Discovery Clerk / Hot Checks 1348
Elaine Lopez Receptionist 1562
Mistty Mergele Legal Administrative Assistant 1555
Cherie Perez Felony Victim Coordinator 1546
Jackie Pafort Paralegal - Midemeanor Intake 1559
Teresa Rigney-Lopez Legal Administrative Assistant -
Family Justice Unit
Anna Trujillo Victim Assistance Coordinator 1252
Sandy Soto Juvenile Administrator 1341
Robin Villarreal Legal Administrative Assistant 1556

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