County Courts at Law

Guadalupe County has two County Courts at Law - Please see descriptions below to determine which court you should contact.

County Court at Law

211 W. Court Street, Suite #330, Seguin, Texas 78155

The County Court at Law is unable to receive FAXES, so please send all correspondence via email to

Honorable Bill Squires, Presiding

Court Coordinator:
Calesse Carter

Court Reporter:
Diana Vargas

  • Covid Response

    The Guadalupe County Court at Law will strictly comply with The Texas Supreme Court’s 18th Emergency Order Regarding the COVID-19 State of Disaster which can be found in its entirety at

    This Court will not be scheduling “in person” hearings until further notice, unless good cause is shown.


    Remote Hearing Information (pdf)

    This is the link to YouTube for anyone to be able to watch live hearings that are held in this court: YouTube

  • Order Regarding Court Proceedings in the Guadalupe County Court at Law

    It is the Order of this court that telephonic hearings will be used to minimize social contact, oaths will be administered telephonically as if in person, documents normally requiring the Clerk to administer an oath will be suspended in favor of private notaries, but only if such document is notarized after testimony is given to the Court in the proceeding, and then e-filed.

    Further, in compliance with the Open Courts Doctrine, the Court will institute a live stream hearing so that the proceedings are open to the public. The Court orders that all live stream video hearings shall not be recorded and SHALL be DELETED FOLLOWING the HEARING, leaving the Court Reporter’s record as the official record of the proceeding.

    Evidence may be submitted using email for use in hearings.

    The Court, in order to safeguard certain persons under guardianship, who are residents of nursing homes, group homes, and assisted living facilities, finds that visits by the Guardian, may occur by alternative means, such as Zoom, Skype, Face Time or by telephone. If the person under guardianship is unable to participate, the Guardian should obtain a status report from staff that has regular contact with the resident. The guardian shall document the no contact order from the facility when filing the annual report. The Court will acknowledge good faith efforts by guardians to stay informed about the health and well-being of persons under guardianship as acceptable during this time.

    Finally, all Motions for consideration by this court shall be accompanied by a proposed Order and be submitted no later than three business days prior to the hearing, unless good cause is shown.

This court Hears:

Contested Probate & All Guardianships

Family Law

Juvenile Law

Civil Law up to $200,000.00


Criminal Family Violence Court

Appeals from a Lower Court - De Novo Appeals of Eviction and Small Claims Matters from all four Justice of the Peace Courts

Misdemeanor Drug Court

Juvenile Drug Court

Veterans Court

County Court at Law #2

211 W. Court Street, Suite #338, Seguin, Texas 78155
830-303-8871 / Fax: 830-303-0283

Honorable Frank Follis, Presiding

Court Coordinator:
Kathy Boos

Court Reporter:
Stacey Sharron

This court Hears:

Misdemeanor Criminal Cases

Mental Health Commitments & Proceedings

Occupational licenses

Appeals from a Lower Court - Traffic Matters


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